The world map of rude place names by Gary Gale

March 2, 2013 in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Crazy and bizarre, Europe and Middle East, Funny, North America, South America


Gary Gale of Britain has created the world’s first map of place names that have wrong, rude or funny associations in the English language. How about a trip to Bitsch in Switzerland, Shit in Iran or maybe Big Dick Lake in the U.S.?

Map of rude place names of the world


Many local place names may mean nothing in their country, but when translated into English the names can have quite a suggestive meaning. Gary Gale, a geo technologist, had a good sense of humor and decided to compile the interactive world map. Go to the interactive map: Gary Gale map.

Among the funny and suggestive place names are:

Weener, Germany

Wank, Germany

Slut, Sweden

Crap, Switzerland

Poo, Spain

Butthole Lane, Great Britain

Dikshit, India

Anus, Philippines

Blowhard, Australia

Pee, Liberia

Tittybong, Australia

Bum, Sierra Leone

Intercourse, U.S.