The United Nations: eating more insects will help fight world hunger

May 13, 2013 in Amazing, Serious stuff


According to a new report by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, eating more insects could help fight hunger by boosting nutrition and reducing pollution. The report states that more than 2 billion people all over the world already supplement their food intake with insects. The biggest obstacle? Would you eat bugs for dinner?


“Consumer disgust” is according to the report the biggest barrier in many Western countries. The report states that beetles, wasps and many other insects are “underutilised” as food for people. Among the benefits from eating bugs are their great reproduction rate, high growth and feed conversion rates and little impact on the environment. For example, when compared to cattle, crickets need 12 times less food to produce the same amount of protein.

One suggestion to increase the intake of bugs is to look at the food industry, the report says. It suggests the industry to start including bugs in recipes and adding them to menus in restaurants and thereby “raising the status of insects”. (Via Photo: Fae)