The mysterious coin-covered wishing trees of Britain

January 7, 2013 in Amazing, Crazy and bizarre, Europe and Middle East, Pictures, Serious stuff


The story of the coin-covered wishing trees takes place in Great Britain. Tree trunks completely covered in coins have been found on various sites. Today passers-by knock coins into the trees with hopes of good luck. But the tradition started hundreds of years ago.

When estate manager Meurig Jones came upon coin-covered trees in his area, he started an investigation to uncover their origin.

Meurig Jones told the BBC in 2011: “We had no idea why it was being done when we first noticed the tree trunk was being filled with coins” and added that: “I did some detective work and discovered that trees were sometimes used as “wishing trees”.

He found out the the tradition dates back to the 1700s, where people would knock a coin into the tree to have their illness go away. It was also believed, that if someone took the coin from the tree, they would aquire the illness.

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