The Maeklong railway food market in Thailand

February 21, 2013 in Amazing, Asia-Pacific, Crazy and bizarre


Welcome to the amazing food market where trains run through 8 times a day. The Maeklong food market, 70 km south-west of the capital Bangkok in Thailand, is very special compared to other food markets. All the stalls are set up on both sides of a railway. A railway still being used. So, as a train passes by all the stall owners must quickly gather their goods and pull them aside, in order for the train to pass. This happens 8 times a day. After the train has passed, they can unpack their stalls and the shopping continues.

Maeklong railway food market in Thailand 1

The Maeklong food market has become a popular tourist attraction. Many foreigners go to the market not to shop, but to see the spectacular event of a train passing through. It’s therefore recommended to go there just before a train goes through, to see the market transforming back and forth.

The stall owners knows the exact train schedule, allowing them to pack up their goods just before a train passes. It might sound dangerous having trains pass through a tight market place, but apparently it’s quite safe. 2 people are reported to have been killed, but this was many years ago and no one really remembers or takes notice.

Maeklong railway food market in Thailand 2 Mae klong railway market in Thailand