The Dachshund United Nations art installation in Sydney

March 2, 2013 in Amazing, Europe and Middle East, Funny, North America, Serious stuff


Australian artist Bennett Miller has re-created the U.N. using live Dachshunds. The Dachshund UN is a miniature version of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. The difference is that humans are replaced by dogs and the assembly has no power in the UN.

Dachshund UN art installation Bennett Miller 1

Bennett Miller created the art installation to question humanity’s potential for creating a universal justice system. He wants to get the audience to consider human behavior differently. The dog breed wasn’t a random choice for Miller. He chose the Dachshunds because: “Dachshunds are impressive but restricted, you can match that to the United Nations“, Miller explained. On top of that, the diversity of the breed makes them useful for displaying the UN. “Their racial variety of black, red, tanned, long-hair and short-hair makes them as diverse as humanity and is similar to a United Nations meeting“.

The art show started out in Sydney, Australia, has been to the U.K. and is now installed in Toronto, Canada at the Harbourfront Centre.

A dachshund sits in a peformance artwork titled Dachshund UN Dachshund UN art installation Bennett Miller 3 Dachshund UN art installation Bennett Miller 4