The bagel foreheads of Japan

December 28, 2012 in Asia-Pacific, Crazy and bizarre, Pictures


The Bagel forehead is a body modification trend originating in Canada and brought to Japan in 2007. Here it’s practised in the underground scene. The Bagel like forehead is created by injecting saline under the skin on the forehead over a period of 2 hours. Then the bump is pressed down in the middle to create the look of a bagel. As the body absorbs the saline, the bagel is gone within a short while, usually the following day.

It was Keroppy Maeda who brought the procedure to Japan from Canada back in 2007 where he saw pioneer Jerome Abramovitch perform the odd cultural manifestation. Keroppy Maeda does the procedure around 10 times a year at special occasions. (Images from NatGeo).

3 bagelheads

Bagelhead girl

Bagel being created

Saline injections


Bagel foreheads