Multi-colored ants 1

Man creates multi-coloured ants in his backyard

Mohamed Babu had an idea to color ants via their food

Up Helly Aa Viking fire festival Shetland Islands 2

Up Helly Aa – the Viking fire festival in Shetland, Scotland

Europe's largest fire festival takes place on Scotland's Shetland Islands

Marco Evaristti paints waterfall red 2

Artist Marco Evaristti paints frozen waterfall in Norway red

Danish artist Marco Evaristti has painted a waterfall with red fruit paint

Wife carrying competition

The Wife Carrying World Championships in Finland

Once a year you can compete in the Wife carrying championships in Finland

Liu Ye China marries himself

Chinese man married himself

Liu Ye literally married the one closest to himself

El Colacho baby jumping Spain 1

El Colacho – the baby jumping festival in Spain

Once a year they jump over babies during the El Colacho

Buzkashi polo in Afghanistan 1

Buzkashi – the polo sport played with a headless goat

The national sport in Afghanistan is playes with a headless goat

HIV test

HIV positive man fakes HIV test to get in bed with his girlfriend

Duane Lang was a really really bad boyfriend

Gloucester cheese rolling downhill race 1

The crazy Cooper’s Hill downhill cheese rolling in Gloucester, England

A crazy race down a very steep hill chasing a cheese

Pilobolus human alphabet a, b, c

The Pilobolus dance group makes a human alphabet

6 members of a dance group has created a human alphabet

women only car park in china

The women only car park in the Wonder Mall in China

In a shopping mall in China, there's a women only car park

Lucky Diamond Rich worlds most tattooed man 5

Lucky Diamond Rich – the world’s most tattooed person

Lucky has one tattoo - covering 100% of his body

Freetown Christiania Copenhagen Denmark 1

Freetown Christiania – the controversial society of Copenhagen, Denmark

Freetown Christiania is still a very special place despite being 'normalized'

World Dwarf Games Michigan US 2013 4

World Dwarf Games 2013 in Michigan

Ever heard about something called the World Dwarf Games?

Overweight clubs in the US

Night clubs for overweight people gets popular in the US

A new kind of night club has emerged in the United States.