New Chinese law requires children to visit their parents

January 20, 2013 in Asia-Pacific, Crazy and bizarre, Serious stuff


On Friday the 28th of December 2012, a new law came into force in China. The law simply requires children to visit their aging parents “often”. It is not specified how frequently “often” should be.

Beijing Tiananmen Square China Mao

The new law allows the parents who feel neglected by their children to actually sue them in court. The new law is a result of changes in family tradition and development in China. As the country develops it has accelerated the traditional living patterns, dissolving the traditions of taking care of the elderly family members.

In less than 5 decades the life expectancy has grown from 41 to 73, creating a huge elderly population. Combined with the rapid market changes, there are few retirement or elder homes to cater for those who cannot take care of themselves.

We are still to see actual law suits of parents vs. children resulting from the new law, but it should only be a matter of time.