Map of China literally translated into English

April 13, 2013 in Asia-Pacific, Funny

A map published by the Shanghaiist shows Chinese provinces and nearby countries translated into English from Chinese, literally. Many names in Chinese actually have a meaning, which is what this map tries to capture.

China map literally translated names

Most people have probably heard about what the name China means, the Kingdom in the Middle. More interestingly though, is the names of other countries. For example, North Korea translates into something like Morning Calm. Given the recent escalations in the political scene, that name might not be quite up to date. South Korea is translated into Leader Kingdom, which probably isn’t well received in North Korea.

Another funny translation is that of the Guizhou province in China. Guizhou is one of the poorest provinces, but the name literally tranlates into Expensive State. Other province names translates into Happy Establishment, Distant Peace (bordering North Korea), Blue Sea (thousands of miles from the ocean) and Western Hoard. (Via:, photo: