Man creates multi-coloured ants in his backyard

March 28, 2013 in Amazing, Asia-Pacific


Mohamed Babus wife discovered that ants that had been drinking spilt milk in their backyard, turned white. Mohamed, a scientist from India, was amazed by the phenomenon and decided to do a little research himself. He noticed that the abdomens of the ants were somewhat transparent and thereby causing them to look white as they ate spilt milk.

Multi-colored ants 1

So, Mohamed went in his kitchen to mix sugar drops with edible colours red, blue, yellow, and green and placed them in the garden. The result? Multi-colored ants. According to Mohamed, some ants wandered from color to color, thereby creating new combinations of colors in their abdomen. (Via: Daily Mail. Photos: Muhamed Babu).

Multi-coloured ants 2 Multi-coloured ants 3