Horrific trend: In Taiwan people can bet on cancer patients

January 31, 2013 in Asia-Pacific, Crazy and bizarre


In the city of Taichung, Taiwan a trend of betting on the survival of terminally ill cancer patients has emerged. The horrible gambling trend involves doctors, nurses and in some cases also the families of cancer patients.

Bets are placed on dates of when the ill patients are expected to die. Participants lose their money to the organizers if the patient die within a month. If the patient survives more than a month, the gambler will be paid according to the number of days past the first month.

One street in Taichung has a high density of bookmakers. On the street there are more than 60 “senior clubs”, pretending to be charity clubs for elderly. In fact, it is reported that they are bookmakers offering gambler to place the odd bets.

The bookmakers also invole the relatives to the cancer patient. If the patient survives more than a month, the family is offered 10% of the gamblers pot, making the game difficult to resist for families with limited funds.