Feces donation and transplant cures people

January 19, 2013 in Amazing, Crazy and bizarre, Serious stuff


An old way to treat infection in the intestines has now proven to be better than medicine. Infection with the Clostridium difficile bacteria causes diarrhea and other illnesses that is known to result in more than 14.000 deaths annually.

Donation of human feces


So, instead of treating with regular antibiotics, scientists have proven that administering feces in the intestines from a healthy person, is more effective in curing the disease.

A donator, possibly a relative to the patient, donates a portion of feces on the day of the transplant. The healthy stool is then mixed with hot water and inserted through a tube from the nose to the intestines or from where the stool usually exits. For your comfort, we’re not going to show any pictures about the alternative procedure. We hope you appreciate that.

The study was conducted by a team in the Netherlands. Source: http://www.dagensmedicin.se.