Culture on the web: in support of cousin couples

April 24, 2013 in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Crazy and bizarre, Europe and Middle East, North America, Serious stuff, South America


Our series of weird, alternative or just different websites, we’ve turned our attention to As the title indicates, this is a website for cousin couples to meet and interact with other couples of the same kind. As they explain on their front page, it is a site for those romantically involved with their cousin. It is a site dedicated to providing support and facts about cousin marriages as well as fostering friendships around the world. It may be used for getting advice or exchanging information.

In their ‘Statement of Principles’ it is explained how they view the combination of this special intimacy and romance often make for a strong, intimate, beautiful loving and extraordinary relationship. If you want to check out the website yourself, click here: (Photo: David Ball)