Columbian couple has lived in a sewer for 22 years

December 9, 2012 in Pictures, Serious stuff, South America


Miguel Restrepo and his wife Maria Garcia have lived in a sewer for 22 years in the Columbian city of Medellin.

Columbia homeless sewer

Miguel, a former drug addict, and his wife Maria made home out of a 6,5 feet deep and 4,5 by 10 feet wide sewer hole. Besides the couple, the alternative housing also provides shelter for their dog Blackie.

The couple is homeless and the city has the right to throw them out of the sewer hole, but fortunately has chosen to ignore this. The home has been improved over the years and contains both a chair, fan, bed, kitchen and even a small TV.

Wife and dog in sewer

Restrepo and wife Garcia in sewer home in Medellin

Miguel in the sewer

Maria cooks in the sewer home kitchen

Sewer home with TV

Sewer home seen from the top