Chinese man sues wife for being ugly and gets $120,000

January 29, 2013 in Asia-Pacific, Crazy and bizarre


Jian Feng from China was surprised when his apparently beautiful wife gave birth to an “ugly” baby. As he couldn’t understand the result of the birth, he initially accused his wife of cheating.

Jian Feng, China sued his wife for being ugly


However, faced with the accusation, she admitted to previously having spent $90,000 on intense plastic surgery, completely altering her appearance. This was before she met Jian Feng and she neglected to tell him about the many surgeries.

Jian Feng, confronted with the truth, decided to divorce his wife and sue her because he got married with her under “false pretences”. As it turned out, the judge agreed with Jian and awarded him $120,000 in settlement.