Chinese man married himself

March 10, 2013 in Asia-Pacific, Crazy and bizarre


Meet 39-year-old Liu Ye from Zhuhai city, China. He’s married to 39-year-old Liu Ye from Zhuhai city, China. Yes, Liu actually married himself back in 2007. In front of more than 100 guests, Liu and a foam cut-out of himself in a bridal dress, said Yes to each other. Or, probably only one of the Liu’s actually said it.

Liu Ye China marries himself

Liu Ye says he’s not gay, but admits to being “a bit narcissistic”, according to local media reports. Liu explained: “There are many reasons for marrying myself, but mainly to express my dissatisfaction with reality. This marriage makes me whole again. My definition of marriage is different from others”. You are right about that, Liu. (Via: