Chinese couple move out of their famous highway home

December 15, 2012 in Asia-Pacific, Crazy and bizarre, Serious stuff


Did you hear the story of the Chinese couple who refused to move from their home, despite construction of a highway in their path? They’ve now agreed to move.

Highway home in China

The couple in China was originally told to leave the house because a highway was to be built on its ground. However, they refused to move claiming that the relocation compensating offered was not enough.

The government then proceeded to build the highway around their property, as it is now illegal in China to demolish a house without an agreement from the residents. The story of the stubborn Luo Baogen and his wife went viral and spread around the world.

Only about a week after the story spread, Luo Baogen accepted the compensation of $40.000 and has moved with his wife. Apparently, they were tired of the media attention.

Luo Baogen china

Highway house being demolished

Highway house demolishing