Chess Boxing – a hybrid sport combining chess and boxing

April 22, 2013 in Asia-Pacific, Crazy and bizarre, Europe and Middle East, North America


Ever heard of Chess Boxing? As the name indicates, it’s a hybrid sport combining chess with boxing in alternating rounds. It originates from the French artist and filmmaker Enki Bilal who pictured it in his comic book Froid Equator in 1992. The idea of Chess Boxing was picked up by the Dutch artist Lepe Rubingh in 2003, where he organized the first real event.

Chess boxing hybrid sport in Berlin

A full match of Chess Boxing consists of eleven rounds. Six four-minute rounds of chess and five three-minute rounds of boxing. Each match begins with a round of chess, followed by alternating rounds of boxing and chess until the end of the match. In the chess game, the rules of fast chess are used, meaning each player only has a total of twelve minutes for all his moves.

A game is won if a competitor knocks out the opponent during a boxing round, a technical stoppage by the referee, by achieving checkmate or the 12 minutes of the opponent run out during the chess rounds. Chess boxing is a fast growing sport, with events spreading around the world. Major cities are Berlin and London but events have also taken place in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Calcutta, Nantes (France), Iceland and Russia. (Via: Photo: World Chess Boxing Organisation, licensed under the CCA 3.0 Germany license).