Yukigassen – the snowball fights originating from Japan

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If you’ve grown up in a place with snow, you’ve probably been in a snowball fight many times. In Japan, they took the funny game of throwing snowballs to the next level.

Yukigassen are arranged snowball fights taking place in Japan once a year. Yuki is Japanese for snow and gassen means fight. It was a sport that developed some 20 years ago, as a marketing scheme conducted by the Mount Showa-Shinzan ski resort.

It’s a game played by two teams with seven players each. The objective is to eliminate the opponents by throwing snowballs at them. 90 snowballs are made in advance. The players compete on a court with lines and obstacles and the winning team that has captured the flag or with players standing, at the end of the 3×3 minutes the game lasts.

Since it started in Japan, the game has spread to other (snowy) parts of the world. Annual games are held in Canada, Norway, United States, Finland and Australia.

Pictures from a Yugikassen fight in USA.

Yukigassen snow fight

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Only in New York

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Here’s a few examples of what goes on in New York.

Bicycle with pole dancer in New york

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