British artist Richie Sowa has built two artificial floating islands

June 19, 2013 in Amazing, Crazy and bizarre, North America


What would you do if you really wanted your own private island, but couldn’t afford one? Richie Sowa from Britain really wanted an island and decided to take matters in his own hands, so to speak.

Spiral Island Richie Sowa

(Photo: RandyMac McCallum)

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The Man versus Horse Marathon in Wales

June 3, 2013 in Amazing, Europe and Middle East

The Man versus Horse Marathon is an annual race where runners compete against riders on horseback.

Back in 1980 when local landlord Gordon Green overheard a discussion between two men in his pub, the idea of the race was formed. One of the men suggested, that over a significant distance across country, man was equal to any horse. Gordon Green decided to test the challenge with a race in full public view.

Man versus horse race in Wales

The distance of the race is 22 miles (about 35 km) in a terrain more rough than that of a traditional marathon. It would take 25 years until the race was finally won by a man on foot. In the 25th race in 2004, Huw Lobb won the race in 2 hours, 5 minutes and 19 seconds, winning a prize of USD 31,000. The size of the prize fund had grown each year by £1,000 until that year were a man would finally beat the horses. In the 2004 the race had 500 runners and 40 horses competing, the highest number ever.

To help the runners beat the horses, the horses are delayed for 15 minutes. The race attracts 50 horses every year, claiming to be “the world largest horse race”. (Via: Photo: Jothelabrarian.)

The United Nations: eating more insects will help fight world hunger

May 13, 2013 in Amazing, Serious stuff


According to a new report by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, eating more insects could help fight hunger by boosting nutrition and reducing pollution. The report states that more than 2 billion people all over the world already supplement their food intake with insects. The biggest obstacle? Would you eat bugs for dinner?


“Consumer disgust” is according to the report the biggest barrier in many Western countries. The report states that beetles, wasps and many other insects are “underutilised” as food for people. Among the benefits from eating bugs are their great reproduction rate, high growth and feed conversion rates and little impact on the environment. For example, when compared to cattle, crickets need 12 times less food to produce the same amount of protein.

One suggestion to increase the intake of bugs is to look at the food industry, the report says. It suggests the industry to start including bugs in recipes and adding them to menus in restaurants and thereby “raising the status of insects”. (Via Photo: Fae)


The Khasi tribe in India builds living bridges using tree roots

May 2, 2013 in Amazing, Asia-Pacific


The Khasi tribe in Indian state of Meghalaya is living in one of the wettest places on earth. In fact, the city of Cheerapunji in the region is credited as the wettest place on earth. For the people living in the forests, this is a problem as flooding is quite normal in the monsoon season. The solution? Build a bridge across the waters that does not care if the waters rise. For more than 500 years, the Khasi tribe has used the Indian rubber tree, Ficus elastica, to build natural, living bridges.

Root bridge India Khasi tribe

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Meet Tom Leppard – the leopard man

April 17, 2013 in Amazing, Crazy and bizarre, Europe and Middle East

Tom Leppard was once in the Guiness Book of World Records for being the world’s most tattooed man. He is not anymore, but his tattoos still make him stand out from the crowd. Tom is tattooed to look like a leopard.

Tom Leppard the leopard man

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In Japan lonely students can go to rent-a-friend services

April 7, 2013 in Amazing, Asia-Pacific, Crazy and bizarre


According to the big Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun, students in Japanese universities have gotten more lonely in recent years. They are finding it increasingly difficult to make friends, resulting in more students failing to attend classes or dropping out. This trend has caused a new kind of service to emerge. So-called rent-a-friend companies offer different kinds of ‘friend’ services.

Japanese students

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Man creates multi-coloured ants in his backyard

March 28, 2013 in Amazing, Asia-Pacific


Mohamed Babus wife discovered that ants that had been drinking spilt milk in their backyard, turned white. Mohamed, a scientist from India, was amazed by the phenomenon and decided to do a little research himself. He noticed that the abdomens of the ants were somewhat transparent and thereby causing them to look white as they ate spilt milk.

Multi-colored ants 1

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Up Helly Aa – the Viking fire festival in Shetland, Scotland

March 25, 2013 in Amazing, Crazy and bizarre, Europe and Middle East


Europe’s largest fire festival takes place on Scotland’s Shetland Islands every January. It is held to mark the end of the Yule season (Christmas was once called Yule in Scotland). Thousands of men dress up as Vikings, marching in squads through towns while carrying torches. The procession culminates in the burning of a replica Viking longship. The celebrations are held at more than 10 different locations all over the Shetland Islands.

Up Helly Aa Viking fire festival Shetland Islands 2

Credits: Mike Pennington. Link to picture. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License.

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Artist Marco Evaristti paints frozen waterfall in Norway red

March 12, 2013 in Amazing, Europe and Middle East


Danish provo-artist Marco Evaristti has started a fury in the Norwegian town Hovden. The major of Hovden has threatened to report Marco to the police for destroying the nature. The reason? Marco Evaristti has painted a frozen waterfall with 10 litres of fruit paint mixed with 1000 litres of water. The result is a white snow-landscape with very visible red marks.

Marco Evaristti paints waterfall red 1

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The Pilobolus dance group makes a human alphabet

March 7, 2013 in Amazing, North America, Pictures


6 members of the Pilobolus Dance Theater have created what can only be described as a human alphabet. They twisted their bodies into possible and almost impossible positions, creating the 26 letters of their alpabet. The happening took place over 4 days in photographer John Kane’s studio. According to the dance group, the hardest letters were “R” and “C”. See for yourself. (Pictures via:

Pilobolus human alphabet a, b, c

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Lucky Diamond Rich – the world’s most tattooed person

March 6, 2013 in Amazing, Asia-Pacific, Crazy and bizarre


Having tattoos on 100 % of his body, Lucky Daimond Rich is the most tattooed person in the world, holding the Guinness World Record. Lucky, born by the name of Gregory Paul Mclaren in 1971 in New Zealand, began to read about and became interested in tattoos at a young age. His first tattoo was of a small juggling club on his hip. Lucky then proceeded to have numerous different colourful tattoos of many designs.

Lucky Diamond Rich worlds most tattooed man

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Freetown Christiania – the controversial society of Copenhagen, Denmark

March 5, 2013 in Amazing, Crazy and bizarre, Europe and Middle East


Freetown Christiania, or just Christiania as it is called in Denmark, is a special society and neighborhood within the Danish capital of Copenhagen with around 850 inhabitants. Christiania was founded in a squatted military area back in 1971 by a group of people from the surrounding neighborhood. The barracks were no longer used by the military and only protected by a few guards. Residents from the neighborhood decided to break down the fences and take the grounds as playground for their children. Soon after, Christiania was declared open by some of the squatters and quickly a culture comprising of hippies, squatters, collectivism and anarchism grew in the freetown.

Freetown Christiania Copenhagen Denmark 1


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World Dwarf Games 2013 in Michigan

March 4, 2013 in Amazing, North America, Serious stuff


You’ve probably heard of the Olympics and the Paralympics. But did you know that dwarfs also compete against other dwarfs in the World Dwarf Games? Just like the Olympics, the dwarf games are held every four years at shifting locations around the world. The last games, in 2009 were held in Belfast, Northern Ireland, while the coming games in 2013 will be held in August at Michigan State University, Michigan, USA.

World Dwarf Games Michigan US 2013 4


The World Dwarf Games were first held in 1993 in Chicago and has since been held every 4 years. In order to qualify for participation, you need to be a dwarf (of course) and proven yourself in a national dwarf game. In 2013, it is expected that more than 500 athletes from over 25 nations around the world will take part in the games. There are 13 different sports to compete in, ranging from archery over soccer to swimming and volleyball. For more info, go to: Pictures from:

The motto of the 2013 Games? “It’s really BIG!” They sure have a sense of humor.

World Dwarf Games Michigan US 2013 1 World Dwarf Games Michigan US 2013 2 World Dwarf Games Michigan US 2013 3

Night clubs for overweight people gets popular in the US

March 4, 2013 in Amazing, North America


A new kind of night club has emerged in the United States. Overweight people, tired of being discriminated, laughed at or having to wait in line because of their extra pounds, have decided to open night clubs targeting people like themselves. Clubs where overweights can enjoy a good time without being harassed by people of normal weight.

Overweight clubs in the US


These establishments are of course not discriminating against normal sized people, but they’ve become overweight clubs by being preferred by overweight people. According to the owners, the normal weight visitors tend to go to the clubs because they like the overweight people. One such club is Club Bounce in Long Beach, California. For more info, go to: Club Bounce website.


Russian Vladimir Filippovich builds himself a castle

March 3, 2013 in Amazing, Crazy and bizarre, Europe and Middle East, Pictures


Meet Vladimir Filippovich, king of his own selfmade castle. The Russian must be rather good at craftsmanship as he transformed the inside of his house into a palace of his own. As the king of the castle, his kingdom entails exactly 13 inhabitants to which he rule. To be exact, the kingdom consists on Vladimir himself, 11 dogs and 2 cats, probably making the castle rather noisy (via:

Russian builds his own castle 1

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