Aubrey Ireland from the US got a restraining order against her parents

January 21, 2013 in Crazy and bizarre, North America


Meet Aubrey Ireland, a college student at the University of Cincinnati in the US. She’s leading a pretty normal college life while studying music theater at the university. On top of that, she’s got a court ordered restraining order against her parents. Yes, her parents. Or, helicopter parents you might add.

Aubrey Ireland restraining order against parents

As reported by the Cincinnati Enquirer, Aubrey’s parents David and Julie were simply way too concerned and involved in her college life. Her parents would drive 600 miles from their home in Kansas to the college in Ohio to make unannounced visits, while accusing her of mental illness, promiscuity and the use of illegal drugs. As Aubrey told the court, it was “like I was a dog with a collar bone“. To top it all, her parents allegedly had keylogging software installed on her computer and mobile phone. This way, they could keep track of her every move.

So, Aubrey, apparently unable to solve the issues with her parents to her satisfaction, decided to take extraordinary steps to solve the matter. As the judge agreed with Aubrey, the judge issued a civil stalking order against her parents, thus ordering them stay at least 500 feet away. The order is in effect until September 2013. Until then, they are not allowed to contact her.

As her parents had paid for the tuition fees, they demanded Aubrey to return the US$66.000. However, the judge refused and the university has granted her a full scholarship for her final year.

Source: Cincinnati Enquirer. Picture: Twitter.