Night clubs for overweight people gets popular in the US

March 4, 2013 in Amazing, North America


A new kind of night club has emerged in the United States. Overweight people, tired of being discriminated, laughed at or having to wait in line because of their extra pounds, have decided to open night clubs targeting people like themselves. Clubs where overweights can enjoy a good time without being harassed by people of normal weight.

Overweight clubs in the US


These establishments are of course not discriminating against normal sized people, but they’ve become overweight clubs by being preferred by overweight people. According to the owners, the normal weight visitors tend to go to the clubs because they like the overweight people. One such club is Club Bounce in Long Beach, California. For more info, go to: Club Bounce website.


Korean man got married to a pillow

March 3, 2013 in Asia-Pacific, Crazy and bizarre


Korean Lee Jin-Gyu fell in love with his pillow. The pillow known as ‘dakimakura‘, is a Japanese pillow type, large and hugable and with a picture of a anime character on the side. On Lee’s dakimakura is a picture of Fate Testarossa, a character from the anime series Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha.

Korean man married his pillow

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Russian Vladimir Filippovich builds himself a castle

March 3, 2013 in Amazing, Crazy and bizarre, Europe and Middle East, Pictures


Meet Vladimir Filippovich, king of his own selfmade castle. The Russian must be rather good at craftsmanship as he transformed the inside of his house into a palace of his own. As the king of the castle, his kingdom entails exactly 13 inhabitants to which he rule. To be exact, the kingdom consists on Vladimir himself, 11 dogs and 2 cats, probably making the castle rather noisy (via:

Russian builds his own castle 1

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The famous Yunessun Red Wine Spa in Japan

March 3, 2013 in Asia-Pacific, Crazy and bizarre, Funny


12 days a year you can bathe in red wine in the biggest spa resort in Japan. At the Yunessun Spa Resort in Hakone, Japan a hot tub is filled with hundreds of gallons of Beaujolais Nouveau, for customers to bathe in. On top of that, a 12-foot bottle of wine is included, providing the visitors with red wine to consume during their unusual bathing experience.

Japan Hokane red wine spa 1

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Headism – artist Philip Levine uses his bald head as art display

March 2, 2013 in Amazing, Crazy and bizarre, Europe and Middle East, Pictures


When English artist Philip Levine started to go bald a few years ago, he decided to take advantage of the situation in stead of seeing only the negative. Philip shaved his head and made his bald head an area to display art. In collaboration with artist Kate Sinclair he decorates and paints his head into many colours and patterns using a variety of materials. That’s how the Headism movement started. See more at: Pictures by Daniel Regan:

Philip Levine headism bald head art 1

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The Dachshund United Nations art installation in Sydney

March 2, 2013 in Amazing, Europe and Middle East, Funny, North America, Serious stuff


Australian artist Bennett Miller has re-created the U.N. using live Dachshunds. The Dachshund UN is a miniature version of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. The difference is that humans are replaced by dogs and the assembly has no power in the UN.

Dachshund UN art installation Bennett Miller 1

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The world map of rude place names by Gary Gale

March 2, 2013 in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Crazy and bizarre, Europe and Middle East, Funny, North America, South America


Gary Gale of Britain has created the world’s first map of place names that have wrong, rude or funny associations in the English language. How about a trip to Bitsch in Switzerland, Shit in Iran or maybe Big Dick Lake in the U.S.?

Map of rude place names of the world

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