Spiral Island Richie Sowa

British artist Richie Sowa has built two artificial floating islands

Richie really wanted an island and decided to build his own

Man versus horse race in Wales

The Man versus Horse Marathon in Wales

A race where men run against horses


The United Nations: eating more insects will help fight world hunger

Would you eat bugs for dinner? It could help fight world hunger!

Kim Il Sung North Korea founder

In North Korea the year is 102, not 2013

The Juche calendar is based on their founder Kim Il-Sung

Root bridge India Khasi tribe

The Khasi tribe in India builds living bridges using tree roots

Meet a tribe that builds bridges using living trees

Giant inflatable poop

The giant 15 metre-tall inflatable poop art installation in Hong Kong

Artist Paul McCarthy has created a giant poop art installation

Couple kissing

Culture on the web: cousincouples.com in support of cousin couples

A website dedicated for the support of cousin couples

Chess boxing hybrid sport in Berlin

Chess Boxing – a hybrid sport combining chess and boxing

Chess Boxing is a fast growing hybrid sport

Tom Leppard the leopard man

Meet Tom Leppard – the leopard man

Tom Leppard is the living leopard man from Scotland

China map literally translated names

Map of China literally translated into English

Chinese names can be quite funny or misleading when directly translated into English

Japanese students

In Japan lonely students can go to rent-a-friend services

The rent-a-friend services are getting more popular in Japan

dog spinning Bulgaria Brodilovo

The cruel and bizarre dog spinning ritual in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria they used to spin dogs to prevent rabies

Li Meng 6 year playing games

Chinese boy has spent the past 6 years in an internet cafe

Li Meng has spent six years playing games

Chongqing China 1000 toilet bathroom 5

World’s largest public bathroom in China with 1000 toilets

The Chinese city of Chongqing holds a weird kind of world record

Testy Fest Montana, testicle festival

The annual Montana testicle festival, Testy Fest

Join the celebrations of Rocky Mountain Oysters